PIPA Prize 2014 and 2019 nominee.

Indicado ao PIPA 2014 e 2019.

Visual artist, Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts by the Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná – 2009, where he initiates an investigation and the manufacture around painting. His works collide with the aspects of science, spirituality, philosophy and art. His interests towards what reminds him of life bring to the research concerns on traditions addressed to self-knowledge, expressing pulling out from those a deal between “real” and soul. Operating works that affirm themselves as presents in the world, by volume, texture, temperature and flavour, as if we had to recreate a reality symptom from arts obscurity.
Artista visual, Bacharel em Artes Visuais pela Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná – 2009, onde inicia a investigação e a manufatura em torno da pintura. Suas obras colidem os aspectos da ciência, espiritualidade, filosofia e da arte. O interesse ao que lhe remete à vida traz à pesquisa uma estrutura pelas tradições sobre o autoconhecimento, expressando destas um acordo entre o “real” e o anímico. Numa operação de trabalhos que se afirmam presentes no mundo, por volume, textura, temperatura e aroma, como se tivéssemos que recriar da obscuridade da arte um sintoma de realidade.

Fragment of “Da pintura. Da vida. Da pintura de Willian Santos.” By Marco Silveira Mello [Written for “Nem todo liquido se desmancha em ar” exhibition, 2013]

“It has long been said of the death of painting and that it is an archaic language. Effectively, to make paintings, good painting, is not an easy task nowadays. It has lived so many lives, unfolded into such varied programs, that it seems no longer possible to create experiences rich and worthy of the stories promoted. Opposing all predictions and epitaphs that have determined the failure of this language, Willian Santos performs a courageous work, through which, showing his knowledge of art history, he invents possibilities that affirm the creative power of present-day painting.